Standing Together Since 1948


We all do!

Unions create a fair playing field in the workplace. When workers stand together, they bargain for better pay, benefits and working conditions.

Unions raise the standard of living for all workers. By standing together, working peoples created the 40-hour work week, 8-hour work day, paid vacations, and fair compensation.

Unions helped to create:

      • Family and Medical Leave Act
      • Pregnancy and Parental Bonding Leave
      • The right to work during pregnancy
      • Sick leave
      • Duty Free Lunch
      • Minimum Wage
      • Overtime and Holiday Pay
      • Privacy Rights
      • Occupational Safety and Health Act
      • Workers Compensation
      • Unemployment Insurance
      • Wrongful Termination Laws
      • Sexual Harassment Laws
      • Americans with Disabilities Act
      • Employer Dental, Life and Vision Insurance
      • Equal Pay Acts of 1963 and 2011


With any successful organization, leadership is the key. Our leadership team is led by our BTA Executive Board which is comprised of our Union President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Grade level Directors representing High School, Middle School and Elementary School as well as At Large Directors who represent specific departments such as Special Education, Teachers On Special Assignment (TOSA), Adult School, Magnolia Park, Mann Child Development Center and FACTS.

Our site representatives are the liaison between leadership and our membership at individual schools. They serve to inform, motivate and support members within a particular school site. Site Reps attend monthly meetings to gain information regarding current issues to disseminate back at their respective school sites and to bring site specific issues to leadership’s attention.

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