Article 7: Wages

7.1 Employees covered by this Agreement shall be paid salaries, wages, and pay rates as provided in the attached EXHIBITS A-1 through H as included in the APPENDICES of this Agreement, in accordance with the rules and regulations for the implementation of such salary schedules, wages, and pay rates as also set forth in said attached EXHIBITS A-1 through H.

7.2 Effective retroactive to July 1, 2015, the following salary schedules shall receive a 3.0% increase. An additional 2% one-time off salary schedule payment will be issued based on the July 1, 2015 salary schedule.

  • A-1
Certificated Bargaining Unit
  • A-1NC
Non-credentialed Certificated Bargaining Unit
  • A-1R
Retired Certificated Bargaining Unit Members
  • B-1
Children's Center Teachers Monthly
  • C
Coaching Services
  • D-1
Adult Education Certificated Hourly Program Coordinator
  • D-3
Adult Education Resource teacher and Evening Program Coordinator
  • E
Regional Occupational Program Hourly
  • F
Miscellaneous Hourly Rate
  • G
Extra Compensation for Co/Extracurricular Activities
  • H
Certificated Pay Schedule for Hourly or Special Assignment

7.3 For unit members employed on or after July 1, 2005, Columns I and II of Schedules A-1 and A-1-NC are truncated at step 5, and Column III is truncated at step 10. Advancement below the truncation is available only to unit members hired before July 1, 2005.

7.4 Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, retroactive checks shall be issued to unit members no later than sixty (60) days of ratification of this agreement.