Article 16: Professional Advancement Committee

16.1 The Professional Advancement Committee has as its principal responsibility the consideration of matters affecting desirable professional standards in the teaching force in the Burbank schools, providing encouragement and recognition of professional growth. The recommendations of this committee shall be forwarded to the Superintendent or designee for consideration. Recommendations of the committee shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Education when required or requested by the Superintendent.

16.2 Specifically, responsibilities of the committee are:

  • 16.2.1The evaluation of college and university work applicable for salary advancement.
  • 16.2.2 The review of and recommendations for applications for sabbatical leave and the submission of recommendations to the Superintendent regarding such applications.
  • 16.2.3 The evaluation of proposed changes in the policies, rules and regulations implementing the certificated salary schedule.
  • 16.2.4 To encourage appropriate in-service training programs to foster professional growth in all areas of education.
  • 16.2.5 To meet from time to time and advise with the Superintendent or designee regarding all matters within its province. The Superintendent or designee will look to the committee for advice and recommendations, and a major function of the committee shall be to continually confer with, inform, and advise the Superintendent or designee regarding all matters within the committee's province, the attitude and reactions of teachers to requirements for professional advancement and the concerns of teachers and certificated personnel relating to matters affecting professional standards in the teaching force of the Burbank schools.

16.3 The membership of the Professional Advancement Committee shall consist of six voting members serving three-year terms, and shall be comprised of two elementary teachers, two secondary teachers and two administrators; one of whom shall be a building-level administrator. In October of each succeeding school year, two retiring committee members shall be replaced.
Effective July 1, 2001, the Association shall appoint the bargaining unit members of the Committee.

16.4 The Superintendent shall attend all committee meetings, or be represented by a delegated representative.

16.5 The Professional Advancement Committee shall annually elect a chairperson from among its voting members.

16.6 The committee shall meet at least five (5) times during each school year, and shall meet more often upon the call of the committee chairman, or a majority of its members, or the Superintendent or designee. At least three (3) members of the committee must be present to constitute a quorum and the number of teachers present must exceed the number of administrators present by at least one (1). Minutes shall be kept to provide a permanent record and these minutes shall be made available upon request of the certificated personnel of the District. A technician from the Department of Personnel Services shall be assigned to assist the committee and shall supervise the employee records which shall be kept in the Personnel Department.

16.7 In the event that there is any conflict between the recommendations of the Professional Advancement Committee and the rights and benefits of unit members as set forth elsewhere in the Agreement, the provisions of the Agreement shall prevail.

16.8 Appeal Process

  • 16.8.1An applicant may appeal the decision of the Professional Advancement Committee relative to Articles 16.2.1 or 16.2.2 of this agreement. A written request for appeal must be made by the applicant to the Committee within ten (10) days after receipt of the Committee's decision.
  • 16.8.2 An appeal of the decision of the Professional Advancement Committee must be made by addressing the Committee in person at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Committee in an attempt to resolve the disagreement. The Committee shall, within ten (10) days of the meeting, render a decision. A copy of the decision shall be sent to the applicant.
  • 16.8.3 The decision of the Committee shall be the final determination.