Article 17: Personnel Files

17.1 Materials in the personnel files of employees which may serve as a basis for affecting their employment status are to be made available for inspection by the employee involved.

  • 17.1.2 Personnel information stored on computers shall be kept secure and not disclosed to outside parties unless otherwise required by law.

17.2 The materials referred to in the foregoing statement (17.1, above) are not to include ratings, reports or records which were obtained from employment outside the District.

17.3 Every employee shall have the right to inspect such materials upon request (excluding those materials excluded by the provisions contained in 17.2, above), provided that the inspection does not occur during work hours.

17.4 Information of a derogatory nature (except materials mentioned in 17.2, above) shall not be placed in an employee's personnel file unless and until the employee has been given ten (10) days prior written notification and an opportunity to review and comment thereon. Any employee shall have the right to enter, and have attached to any such derogatory statement, the employee's own comments thereon, but such review shall take place during normal business hours, and the employee shall be released from duty for this purpose without salary deduction. (Education Code section 44031)

17.5 The Administrator or other authorized employee responsible for placing materials in the personnel file shall sign and date said materials.

17.6 No documents, communications, or records shall be placed in an employee's personnel file if it is agreed by both the District and the Association that the information is false.