Article 24: Year-round Education Program at Monterey High School

24.1 A single-track year-round program shall exist at Monterey High School.

24.2 Pay Procedures

  • 24.2.1 Regular pay warrants for teachers shall be issued on the first working day of the calendar month beginning in August and concluding the following July. The annual salary shall be divided by twelve to equalize the monthly payments throughout the fiscal year.
  • 24.2.2 In the event the year round program is discontinued, or a unit member is involved in a transfer from Monterey High School, the District shall maintain the twelve calendar month pay period, at the unit members request, for the remainder of that school year and one additional school year.

24.3 Substituting While Off-Track

  • 24.3.1 Current Burbank Unified School District unit members who substitute while off-track shall be compensated pursuant to Exhibit F.
  • 24.3.2 Unit members shall have their annual sick leave allocation increased by one (1) additional day for each twenty (20) full days of substitute/intersession teaching between July 1 and June 30 of that year.

24.4 Pay for Intersession Assignments

  • 24.4.1 Intersession assignments shall be compensated pursuant to Exhibit F.

24.5 Calendar

  • 24.5.1 See Appendix J.

24.6 Leaves

  • 24.6.1 Where applicable, leaves may be granted on a quarterly basis.

24.7 Evaluation Procedures

  • 24.7.1 The section titled Specific Procedures in the Evaluation Process of Exhibit L, 1(b) shall be modified as follows: The evaluator and the employee shall meet for a pre-evaluation objective setting conference no later than September 1 to review specific objectives. All other provisions of Article 12 and Exhibit L remain unchanged.

24.8 Program Evaluation

  • 24.8.1 Unit members shall be provided the opportunity to evaluate the year round program annually.

24.9 Discontinuance of Program

  • 24.9.1 The District and the Association shall have the right to negotiate all mandatory terms and conditions affecting unit members should the program be discontinued and a configuration other than traditional school were to be implemented.