Article 25: Saturday Program

25.1 The on-site duty time of a Saturday Program teacher shall be four hours and thirty minutes per work day.

25.2 The daily rate of pay for a Saturday Program teacher shall be as shown in Exhibit F.

25.3 Assignments shall be made for each school quarter.

25.4 The selection of Saturday Program teacher shall be at the discretion of the District, subject to the procedures below:

  • 25.4.1 Openings for Saturday Program assignments shall be posted at all work sites where certificated employees of the District are assigned.
  • 25.4.2 Permanent and probationary District employees will be considered for the Saturday Program before other candidates are considered.
  • 25.4.3 The District shall use the following criteria for selection from among Saturday Program candidates:
    • Possession of appropriate teaching credential covering the middle school/high school levels.
    • Evidence of successful teaching experience at middle school/high school levels.