Article 26: Summer School

26.1 The on-site duty time of a summer school teacher shall be four (4) hours and thirty (30) minutes per work day.

26.2. If a summer school administrator calls a meeting requiring mandatory attendance, summer school teachers will be reimbursed at the curriculum writing rate for that meeting.

26.3 The daily rate of pay for a summer school teacher shall be as shown in Exhibit F. Teachers on halftime summer school assignments shall receive an amount equal to one-half (l/2) that of a full time assignment.

26.4 The number of work days in a summer school session shall be determined by the District.

26.5 The selection of summer school teachers shall be at the discretion of the District, subject to the procedures below:

  • 26.5.1 Openings for summer school positions shall be posted at all worksites where certificated employees of the District are assigned.
  • 26.5.2 Permanent and probationary District employees will be considered for summer school positions before other candidates are considered.
  • 26.5.3 The District shall use the following criteria in priority order for selection from among summer school candidates:
    • Possession of appropriate credentials.
    • Evidence of successful teaching experience at the grade level(s) and/or in the subjects for which the application is made.

26.6 A summer school teacher may serve for up to three consecutive years. A unit member who has served as a summer school teacher for three consecutive years may be considered for reappointment if there are not enough qualified applicants for the number of summer school positions. Such reappointment may allow employment as a summer school teacher for an additional three consecutive years.

26.7 Summer school teachers may be assigned to supervise students during their one break per day, subject to the provisions of 9.9.5 of this Agreement.