Article 28: Job Sharing

28.1 The District will implement a limited job sharing program with the following specifications and conditions:

  • 28.1.1 Job sharing at the secondary level shall be composed of pairs of volunteers. Each job sharing teacher shall teach either three (3) periods per day, or teach one (1) semester. The assignment of job sharing teachers shall be done by the school administration and shall be based upon the needs of the school. This secondary job sharing plan shall not limit the ability of employees to work as half-time employees or to receive half-time leaves of absence.
  • 28.1.2 Elementary level job sharers shall be volunteers. Persons wishing to share a job shall seek their own partners. The approval of the job sharing team shall be at the District's sole discretion.
  • 28.1.3 The following conditions for job sharing at the elementary and secondary level shall apply:
    • Job sharers shall submit a written detailed plan to the Superintendent or designee stating in detail how the applicants would insure close cooperation in such matters as planning; teaching; evaluating; communicating with one another and with parents, staff and administration; and perform adjunct duties.
    • A signed form, prepared by the District, which acknowledges their responsibilities to attend scheduled school and District meetings, and parent conferences normally expected of a full-time employee shall be submitted with the written plan. District retains the right to direct both job sharers to attend meetings and parent conferences appropriate to both individuals. Employees teaching in a split year plan shall have those responsibilities required only during the semester they are teaching in a job sharing program.
    • The Principal and Superintendent or designee must agree in writing to the proposed job sharing plan. If the proposed plan is rejected, no explanation shall be required, nor shall the refusal be grievable. At the sole discretion of the Superintendent determination may be made as to whether any proposed job sharing plan enhances education or benefits students enough that it should be approved. Upon request of the Association, the District will give its rationale for termination to the Association.
    • Any approved job sharing arrangement may be terminated by the District in the event that it is deemed by the District to be instructionally or organizationally unsuccessful. If terminated, the termination shall not be grievable. An arrangement may not be terminated prior to the end of a semester. Upon request of the Association, the District will give its rationale for termination to the Association.
    • Movement on the salary schedule shall be as defined in the current contract.
    • As part of the application process for a job share assignment, each job share participant shall make an affirmative decision to waive or not to waive his/her right to prorated District paid health and welfare benefits, as established in Article 8.1.1. This affirmative decision shall be binding upon the bargaining unit member until the next open enrollment period following completion of the job share assignment. If the job share is terminated pursuant to Article above, or if the job share is dissolved for any reason whatsoever, then the waiver made pursuant to this section shall be null and void. The District, in consultation with the Association, shall develop the form necessary to implement this section.

28.2 Each individual elementary and secondary job sharing plan will be evaluated and may be renewed in the event that the District finds that it has been beneficial to the students and to the District. Job sharing plans are not established or renewed until both the applicants and the District have agreed upon the specific job sharing plan, and shall be subject to review and joint renewal upon such terms as the applicants and the District may agree. Requests for job sharing shall follow the same deadlines as exist for other leaves as per Articles 13.2.3 and Articles 13.2.4 of this Agreement.

28.3 The percentage of full-time service provided by each job sharer shall be equal to the percentage of full-time salary and benefits received by the job sharer. In no case shall the combined percentage of service provided by the job sharing pair exceed 100%.