Article 29: Special Programs

29.1 Programs for Limited English Proficient (LEP) Students

  • 29.1.1 The District will provide or, at its discretion, may approve payment for courses related to certification required to provide services to LEP students as follows:
    • For teachers employed on a District bilingual waiver or assigned to teach Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE) or English Language Development (ELD) classes, the District will pay for all State approved coursework and language classes and related tests required to attain a (Bilingual) Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development ((B)CLAD) and/or SB1969 Certificate.
    • Teachers may elect to receive salary credit for any work done under this Article upon payment of such additional fees as may be required by the credit granting institution.
  • 29.1.2 Should a teacher assigned to a bilingual program request a transfer to a non-bilingual program, the District shall make every attempt to honor the request in accordance with Article 14, Transfer and Reassignment. Should the request not be honored, due to lack of open teaching locations or lack of bilingual teachers to replace the teacher requesting the transfer, the District shall place the request on a list for consideration for transfer the following school year.

29.2 Full Inclusion Program

  • 29.2.1 Full inclusion is one option in the full continuum of services and full range of placement options available to students with identified disabilities. Full inclusion, for the purpose of this section, exists when a student who has been determined to be eligible for full-time special education services, is assigned to, and participates in, an age appropriate general education classroom, with support from special education and/or as appropriate, other District resources.
  • 29.2.2 Any unit member who will be impacted by Article 29.2, shall be provided the opportunity to participate in the development of the student's educational program and the identification of additional accommodations and/or support services for the teacher. This educational/accommodations/support program shall be developed by the school's Student Study Team or Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team, as appropriate, and shall include but not be limited to: eligibility, planning, conferencing and preparation, release time, instructional aide support, equipment and supplies, grading policies, and the composition of the class being considered.
  • 29.2.3 Unit members who are impacted by Article 29.2 and who are required to meet with the District's full inclusion or other specialist on a regular basis outside the unit member's regular duty hours, shall be compensated at 16.7% of the daily rate based upon Step I, Column I of Exhibit A1 for each additional hour of service in quarter hour increments.

29.3 Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development Certificate, Language Development Specialist Certificate, and SB 1969 Certificate

  • 29.3.1 Bargaining unit members shall receive a onetime only stipend in the amount of $500 for completion, and submission of a copy of the earned certificate to the District, of the District approved Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development (CLAD) Certificate, Language Development Specialist (LDS) Certificate, or SB 1969 Certificate.
  • 29.3.2 Bargaining unit members who already receive, or have ever received, in Burbank, an annual stipend for possession and use of the Bilingual Certificate of Competence, Bilingual Cross Cultural Credential, Bilingual Cross Cultural, Language, and Academic Development Credential, or other state approved bilingual certificate or credential, are not eligible for this onetime stipend.