Article 34: Conclusiveness of Agreement

34.1 Except as noted in 34.2, 35.2, 35.3, and 35.4, during the term of this Agreement the District and the Association expressly waive and relinquish the right to meet and negotiate and agree that neither party to this Agreement shall be obligated to meet and negotiate with respect to any subject or matter whether referred to or covered in this Agreement or not, even though such subjects or matters may not have been within the knowledge or contemplation of either the District or the Association at the time of meeting and negotiating on and executing this Agreement, and even though such subject matters were proposed and later withdrawn.

34. 2 In the event that the District desires to change any of its policies and/or administrative rules and regulations which are not covered by this Agreement but are within the scope of bargaining and affect bargaining unit members, it will, absent emergency conditions, so notify the Association of its intentions prior to any such contemplated change. The Association, within ten (10) school days after receipt of such notification, may notify the District of its desire to negotiate on such contemplated changes in District policies and/or administrative rules and regulations. Thereupon, the District shall enter into such negotiations with the Association for a period of sixty (60) calendar days (unless agreement is reached prior to the sixty (60) days). If no agreement is reached within the sixty-day period, the District may adopt the change if it so desires.