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Article 1: Agreement
Article 2: Recognition
Article 3: Management Rights
Article 4: Association Rights
Article 5: Complaint Procedures
Article 6: Grievance Procedures
Article 7: Wages
Article 8: Health & Welfare Benefits
Article 9: Hours of Employment
Article 10: Organizational Security
Article 11: Class Size
Article 12: Evaluation Procedures
Article 13: Leaves
Article 14: Transfer & Reassignment
Article 15: Safety
Article 16: Professional Advancement Committee
Article 17: Personnel Files
Article 18: Physical Examination
Article 19: Mileage Reimbursement
Article 20: Retirements
Article 21: Discipline Procedure
Article 22: Layoffs
Article 23: Peer Assistance & Review
Article 24: Year Round Education Program at Monterey High School
Article 25: Saturday Program
Article 26: Summer School
Article 27: Professional Growth
Article 28: Job Sharing
Article 29: Special Programs
Article 30: Department Chairpersons at the Middle Schools and High Schools
Article 31: Savings Provisions
Article 32: Effect of Agreement - Statutory Changes
Article 33: Support of Agreement
Article 34: Conclusiveness of Agreement
Article 35: Term of Agreement
A-1 Certificated Salary Schedule
A-1 SLP's
A-1-NC Non-Credentialed Certificated Salary Schedule
A-1-R Retired Certificated Salary Schedule
A-2 Rules & Regulations for Implementation of Salary Schedule [Certificated]
B-1 Children's Center Teacher Monthly Salary Schedule
B-2 Rules & Regulations for Implementation of Salary Schedule [Certificated Children's Center Personnel]
B-3 Vacation with pay for Children's Center Teachers
C Coaching Services Salary Schedule
D-1 Adult School Certificated Hourly Salary Scale
D-2 Rules and Regulations for Implementation of Salary Schedule [Adult School Certificated Hourly Salary Schedule]
D-3 Adult School Resources Teachers and Evening Program Coordinator
E Vocational Education and ROP Hourly Salary Schedule
F Miscellaneous Salary Schedule
G Extra Compensation for Co/Extra Curricular Activities
H Certificated Pay Schedule for Hourly or Special Assignments
I Health and Welfare Premiums | 2016
J K-12 Instructional Calendar | 2016-17
K-1 Examples of Elementary School Schedule Options
K-2 Examples of Middle School Minimum and Shortened Day Schedules
K-3 Examples of High School Minimum and Shortened Day Schedule
L Planning and Observation Form - Certificated - Classroom Teacher
  Class Size | 2016-2017
  Combined Benefits | 2015
  Department Chairs - Middle & High Schools
  Exhibit A-1 - SLP (corrections)
  Middle School Zero Period Spanish
  Professional Mentor -Plans of Assistance
  Special Education Committee | 2015-16
  Voluntary Middle School Zero Period
  BTA President Release Time | 2015-16, 2016-17
  BTA President Release Time | 2016-17
  FACTS Program