President   Diana Abasta
Vice-President   Nicole Drabecki
Secretary   Stefanie Enokian
Treasurer   Alyson Edge

High School Director  Charisse Lewis

  • Burbank High

High School Director   Jessica Mayes

  • John Burroughs High

Middle School Director   Amy Fuhr

  • Huerta
  • Luther
  • Muir
  • Teachers On Special Assignment (TOSA)

Elementary Director   Tracy Sorensen

  • Emerson
  • Jefferson
  • McKinley
  • Miller
  • Stevenson

Elementary Director  Sarah Schwartz

  • Bret Harte
  • Disney
  • Edison
  • Providencia
  • Roosevelt
  • Washington

At-Large Director   Michelle Dixon

  • Mann Special Ed
  • Magnolia Park
  • Special Education (SPED)

At-Large Director   Tanase Petrenco

  • Community Day School
  • Adult School
  • New Vista
  • Independent Learning Academy (ILA)
  • Monterey High School

State Council Reps.   Jerry Mullady, Mark Norberg, Bridget Highfill (Alternate)

Adult School – Karla Ruanu-Ramirez, John Rodney

Burbank High School – Alyson Edge, Natalie Setaghian, Hank Schmidt, Carol Williams

Burroughs High School – Alexis Weiner, David Hedin-Abreu, David Knatcal, Dawn Snowden 

Bret Harte – Rachel Greenberg

Community Day School – Arlene Legaspi

Disney Elementary – Jennifer Halligan

Edison Elementary – Rachel Zonshine

Emerson Elementary – Lisa Carr, Raina Janke, Moira Hanson (alt)

Horace Mann SE– Vacant

Huerta Middle School – Amanda Gonzalez, Dana Ragle, Jerry Delaurie

Independent Learning Academy – Dara Lee, Heather Good (alt)

Jefferson Elementary – Olivia Boyce, Dylan Winfield

Luther Middle School – Lisa Raluy, Michael Concidine

Magnolia Park – Maggie Hess-Witucki

McKinley Elementary – Emily Hunter, Claudia Rocha

Miller Elementary – Joan Becker, Debbie Winstein, Celia Greene

Monterey High School – Jamie Reeves

Muir Middle School – Jessica Wertlieb, Mark Norberg, Shelly Burish, Eric Blinder

Providencia Elementary – Katherine Colvin Marvin, Darla Gerharter, Brian Collins (alt)

Roosevelt Elementary – Rachelle Shipstad, Carmella Jaramillo, Sarah Larson

SPED – Amalia Hernandez

Stevenson Elementary – Sandi Sutter, Gina Boulais

Teachers On Special Assignment – Eric Carter, Luci Bowers (alt)

Washington Elementary – Michelle MacNeill, Chandra Collins, Theresa Landin White (alt)


Communications Committee

Discuss and formulate methods to disseminate information regarding upcoming events/actions to members. These include creating flyers, posting to website, emailing, texting (Remind), The Benchmark articles, and other social media. These events or actions may include attendance at BOE meetings, rallies, happy hours, etc. Liaison to CTA communications regarding press releases. Other committees may ask for help with publicity.

Community Outreach Committee

Work with community organizations such as PTSA, BTAC, UME Credit Union, firefighter’s union, police union, YMCA, Family Services Agency, Burbank Human Rights Council, American Cancer Society, Alzheimer’s Association, and PFLAG. Some possibilities would be coordinating participation in events with these organizations and disseminating info about BTA’s activities. Coordinate Thank a Soldier event in October, Alzheimer’s Walk in November, Care Walk in April, Community Night Out in August, and Relay for Life in May. Also find ways to interact with our small business community through our BTA Business Buddies campaign.

Justice and Equity Team (JET) Committee

Create a space for BTA members to reflect on their practices, access resources, confront systemic racism and oppression in the education system, advocate for social justice and equity at our school sites, and work to make sustainable change throughout our district. JET holds monthly meetings and plans to organize semester events. JET operates with the knowledge that LGBTQIA+ rights, women’s rights , and BIPOC rights are human rights.

Membership/Social Committee

Utilize strategies to connect with, engage, and retain members. Work on one on ones with members at sites. May connect with organizing to put on events to publicize benefits of membership. Plan events that will focus on member engagement.  Plan and coordinate benefits and STRS workshops. Plan and organize events to engage our members. Research venues and materials to hold these events. Plan activities when needed. Make sure events are publicized in the Benchmark.

Organizing Committee/Political Action

Plan activities and/or events around specific issues such as bargaining, elections, political campaigns, member attendance at BOE meetings. Create talking points. Come up with a protocol to put in place so that any event that rolls out is effective and efficient. Committee will need to interface with negotiations and membership at times. Handle elections if needed. BTA utilizes SimplyVoting. If there are elections, handle the paperwork connected to elections and PAC activities.

Professional Development Committee

Plan workshops led by our teachers after school at sites, the BTA Office, or at the District Office. Come up with a needs assessment survey to put out so we can ask members what they need. Work with District PD TOSAs when possible. Encourage colleagues to share their effective practices with others in the same grade level, or content areas. Plan Read Across America event and any activity that will help build our profession.

Representative Council

Meeting Dates – all meetings @ 4:00PM

  • August 31, 2022  Luther Rm 602
  • September 28, 2022 Fall Leadership Training
  • October 19, 2022  Luther Library
  • November 9, 2022  Luther Rm 602
  • December 14, 2022   Luther Library
  • January 25, 2023  Luther Library
  • February 15, 2023  Luther Library
  • March 29, 2023  BHS Cafeteria
  • April 26, 2023  Luther Rm 602
  • May 17, 2023 – Retiree/Appreciation Reception (TBD)

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