Frequently Asked Questions

How many sick days do I get a year and how many can be used for personal necessity?

You get 10 days a year. Personal necessity days as well as discretionary days come out of your sick time. Unused sick days roll over to the following year and all subsequent years, and follow you as long as you are employed by a public school district in California.

Do I get paid for Jury duty?

As an incentive for bargaining unit members to serve or delay jury duty service until summer recess or other non-work days rather than serving during the regular school year, the district shall compensate members $100 per day for each day of jury duty actually served in the summer or on other non-work days. You must save your receipt of actual attendance and submit it to Human Resources in order to be eligible. See Article 13.1.7

Adult school teachers are not eligible. See Article which pertains to Adult School.

Is there a time limit on when I can turn in transcripts for salary advancement?

There is no limit as to when you can submit transcripts.

There is a mistake on my paycheck stub. What should I do?

Contact Payroll (818) 729-4480. If there is no resolution, contact your BTA site rep. or your level (elementary, middle, or high school) Executive Board member.

What rights does a classroom teacher have when it comes to student discipline and grades?

A teacher can suspend a student from class for two days. (Ed.Code. 48910)
A teacher must be informed of students’ violent, criminal, harassing, or threatening conduct. (Ed. Code 49079)
A teacher makes the final decision as to student grades. (Ed. Code 49066)

What rights does a teacher have when it comes to meeting with an administrator?

Ask what the meeting’s purpose is before attending.
Be represented in meetings that might lead to discipline, even if that means stopping the meeting until representation arrives.
Request unusual directives be put in writing before complying.
Give no explanations until after consulting with a BTA Rep.
Refuse to submit a written statement until after consulting with BTA.
Remain silent and consult a lawyer if accused of conduct that could lead to criminal prosecution.

What rights does a teacher have when it comes to parents?

Must be notified within a reasonable time before a parent visits your classroom (Ed. Code 49091.10)
Parents are liable for willful misconduct of minor children that causes injury (Ed. Code 48904)
A parent who disrupts a class or school activity is guilty of a misdemeanor (Ed. Code 44811)
If a parent meeting becomes hostile, immediately stop and demand the attendance of a union representative.
Teachers have a right to know specific details including the identity of those who make complaints against them. (Article 5 of BTA contract)

How are policy decisions made at BTA?

BTA’s policy-making body is the Representative Council. All policies and issues to be voted upon are discussed by the Executive Board and it is their recommendation that is brought to the Representative Council. Representatives are elected by their sites.

How are policy decisions made at CTA?

CTA’s legislative and policy-making body is the State Council of Education, a delegation of more than 700 CTA members elected by their local chapters to represent their colleagues and to promote and advance public education. State Council establishes policies, including adopting positions on pending legislation, after extensive debate. As a CTA member, you can access the CTA members-only web site,, and learn more about this democratic process.

How can I make suggestions for changes in our contract?

A bargaining survey comes out once a year. You need to write down what article you would like to see changed or amended. You can also add other items of concern that you want to see addressed. As far as other suggestions, feel free to contact your BTA rep or BTA Executive Board member for appropriate level (elementary, middle, or high school). You can always call the BTA office (818) 846-1304 or email us at

How can I get more involved in BTA?

Glad you asked! Start off by becoming a site rep. We offer training at the beginning of the year. It’s not hard and if there is another person who will share the position, there won’t be a huge time commitment. Read The Benchmark for opportunities to attend Future Leader training. BTA pays the cost of registration and hotel. There are also committees that need members such as Human Rights, Women’s Issues, Community Liaison, Safety, and Elections to name just a few. Being involved empowers you and your colleagues. You can always speak to any BTA Executive Board member if you need more information.


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